Grass-fed Butter Powder

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2.ISO9001, ISO22000, FAMI-QS, IP(NON-GMO), Kosher, Halal Certificates
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4.Grass-fed butter contains five times more CLA than butter from grain-fed cows and is much higher in Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin K2.

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

Grass-fed butter comes from the milk of cows that eat a high-grass diet. This type of butter may have a stronger nutritional profile and more health benefits than regular butter. ... According to some studies, grass-fed butter may have a better fat profile and texture than regular butter.


2. Product Function of Grass-fed Butter Powder

Grass-fed butter contains five times more CLA than butter from grain-fed cows and is much higher in Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin K2. Use it for cooking keto meals or baking keto recipes or in your bulletproof coffee, or spread it generously when you need more fat macros.

It makes sense that grass-fed butter contains more nutrients than standard butter, since the cow's healthier, grass-centric diet is more natural and vitamin-rich than grain feed. Grass-fed butter is high in butyric acid which is considered anti-inflammatory

Grass-fed butter is a good source of vitamin A and the antioxidant beta carotene. It also has a higher proportion of healthy, unsaturated fats and CLA than regular butter. What's more, it provides vitamin K2, a form of vitamin K that plays an important role in your bone and heart health.

3. Product Qualification

Certificates such as ISO9001, ISO22000, FAMI-QS, IP(NON-GMO), Kosher, Halal are in place.

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