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01/Based on biotechnology

Based on biotechnology, HSF Biotech "Bioengineering R&D Center" is committed to the development of food nutrition functional products to maximize the use of food nutrition resources, improve food quality and safety, and promote the sustainable development of food and human health industries.

02/Pay attention to original research

The company attaches great importance to original research and technological innovation with independent intellectual property rights. In order to further accelerate the research and development of new products, the company has strengthened cooperation with external R&D institutions and jointly established the Shaanxi Province Biotransformation Joint Laboratory with the Shaanxi Normal University institute of Food. With functional health product raw materials as the carrier for research and development, a large number of core patented technologies are reserved for functional oils, natural antioxidants, carotenoids and microencapsulation products, and phytosterols/esters, high-end natural vitamin E, functional factor microcapsules and other products with antioxidant properties, cholesterol reduction, immunity enhancement and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease risk reduction will be directly applied to traditional food production.

03/ In-depth exploration of natural functional ingredients

Modern biological bacteria fermentation engineering technology is used to prepare functional factors, further discover and extract natural functional ingredients, and apply them to functional food processing, which increases the added value of products and expands the breadth and depth of product applications.