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Pure Natural Lavender Oil

Pure Natural Lavender Oil

Suspension series product are obtained by evenly dispersing nano-sized lutein, zeaxanthin and lutein ester and into the vegetable oils with proper dosage of antioxidants (Vitamin E).


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Product Description

Suspension series product are obtained by evenly dispersing nano-sized lutein, zeaxanthin and lutein ester and into the vegetable oils with proper dosage of antioxidants (Vitamin E). It’s advantage is the active ingredient of the product can be well protected and not easy to be oxidized, to ensure the stability.

Zeaxanthin is less common in the human diet-coming from certain orangeand yellow fruits and vegetables.zeaxanthin is not found in the normal human diet, and is thought to originate from lutein which is extracted from marigold flower.With special technology, we make zeaxanthin in oil or lutein-zeaxanthin mixed oil.


Product Name Zeaxanthin Suspension
Botanical Source Tagetes erecta L
CAS No. 144-68-3
Molecular Formula C40H56O2
Molecular Weight 568.87
Specification 15%; 20% ; 30%(HPLC)
Appearance Orange yellow or red yellow viscous oil


How about zeaxanthin oil stability?

Zeaxanthin has better stability compares to others. 

Stable to acid and alkali , unstable to light and heat.

The shelf life of oil is 1 year under cool and dry place, be far from strong sunligh


Value-added economic benefits:

  1. Longer product shelf-life by increasing stability
    2. Delivering specific nutrient function by better bioavailability
    3. Improved satisfaction of customers for better taste and odor
    4. Innovative application of combining incompatible substances

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