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Hight Quality 99% L- Valine CAS 72-18-4 Powder

Hight Quality 99% L- Valine CAS 72-18-4 Powder

1.Instant soluble, Granular, Taste-masking and Slow-releasing formula available;
2.Certificated with ISO9001, ISO22000, Kosher, Halal;
3.Patent micro-encapsulate technology.


Through continuous development and innovation, our Pinenut Kernel Oil Powder, natural Astaxanthin oil, Bulk Valine powder has a competitive advantage in terms of quality, price and after-sales service. We have tightened inspection for quality of product. We normally welcome new and old buyers offers us with beneficial tips and proposals for cooperation, let us mature and produce alongside one another, also to lead to our neighborhood and employees!

Product Description

Valine, also known as L-Valine, it is a free flowing white to off white powder. L-Valine is an essential amino acid, specifically classified as a branched-chain amino acid” (BCAA), stimulating muscle protein synthesis. It can promote the normal growth of the body, repair tissues, regulate blood sugar, and provide needed energy. Isobutyraldehyde can be synthesized as raw material.

Our micro-encapsulated Valine powder is available with formula of instant soluble, Granular, Taste-masking and Slow-releasing, which could better suit different processing requirements of ordinary Valine.

Product Function and Application

Function of Valine Powder:

  • Increase muscle metabolism, tissue repair and maintain proper nitrogen balance in the body;

  • Provide additional energy to the muscles to produce glucose, to prevent muscle weakness;

  • Remove excess nitrogen from the liver, and help nitrogen transport to all parts of the body needs;

  • Good for correcting the type of amino acid deficiencies that can be caused by drug addiction;

  • Co-formulated with other essential amino acid infusion, comprehensive amino acid preparations;

  • Increasing cognitive function and smoothing nervous system fuction.

Valine Powder is used as one of amino acid infusion components in medicine, synthetic new drugs and also can be used as a food additive.

Our Factory

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We regard customer needs as our own, participate in market competition with high-quality Hight Quality 99% L- Valine CAS 72-18-4 Powder, and provide customers with more comprehensive and better services. With our excellent technology and good reputation, we have established long-term strategic partnerships with many large domestic and foreign companies, and have developed close cooperation in various fields by integrating high-quality resources. We have always paid attention to the advancement of product technology and the cultivation of scientific and technological talents and staff quality.
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