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Plant Sterol Ester

1.Available with Plant Sterol Ester
2.ISO9001, ISO22000, FAMI-QS, IP(NON-GMO), Kosher, Halal Certificates
3.Leading manufacturer of Plant Sterol Ester
4.Plant Sterol Esters 95 FF is intended for use in dietary supplements and in food applications


1. Product Introduction

Plant Sterol Ester is a kind of light yellow oily paste with typical fatty odor and taste at ambient temperature, and it will turn to be clear oil above 50ºC/1 22°F. It is obtained by esterification of free plant sterols with fatty acids. 


2. Product Specification


3. Product Feature and Application 

①Plant Sterol Ester has an important role of physiology action in body.
② Plant Sterol Ester has strong freighting inflammation,it can prevent and treat heart disease, atherosclerosis ,ulcer,skin disease,cancer of womb etc.
③Plant Sterol Ester has effect on healing wound,growing muscle and circulating in blood vessel,it also can prevent forming gall stone.
④Plant Sterol Ester is also a known class of antioxidant, and is widely used as food and feed additives.
⑤Plant Sterol Ester has high skin permeability, and may be used as a skin moisturizer.

Plant phytosterol ester (Soy) application

4. Product Qualification

Certificates such as ISO9001, ISO22000, FAMI-QS, IP(NON-GMO), Kosher, Halal are in place.

Plant Phytosterol Ester (Soy) Certificates

5. Manufacturing Base

Plant Phytosterol Ester (Soy) HSF manufacturing base ①

Plant Phytosterol Ester (Soy) HSF manufacturing base ②

6. Head Quarter Office

Plant Phytosterol Ester (Soy) (Soy)Head Quarter Office

7. HSF Research and Development Team

Plant Phytosterol Ester (Soy) HSF R&D team

8. Worldwide Exhibitions

Plant Phytosterol Ester (Soy) Worldwide exhibitions

9. Packaging and Delivery

Plant Phytosterol Ester (Soy) HSF Packaging Type and delivery

Plant Phytosterol Ester (Soy) HSF warehouse and regular delivery


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