Organic Turmeric Oleoresin

Organic Turmeric Oleoresin
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Product Details

Product Name:Turmeric oil

Botanical Name:Turmeric oleoresin

Used Part: Root

Appearance:light brown to dark brown clear liquid


Turmeric oil is very powerful and packed with rare compounds as it is extracted from such a powerful healer herb. When analyzed turmeric oil may show the presence of 400-500 different kinds of molecules. What is even more amazing is that many of these molecules have receptor sites in our neuroendocrine systems too.

Constituents of Turmeric essential oil

As already discussed turmeric essential oil contains hundreds of molecules, but its main constituents are:
- Sesquiterpene alcohol – 50%
- Zingeriberene and other Sesquiterpene hydrocarbons – 30%
- d-a-phellandrene – 4%
- Cineol – 3%
- d-sabinene – 2%
- d-borneol – 2.5%
- Valeric acid – 0.1%
The constitution varies based on turmeric used and also method.


1.It can be used as medical intermediate ,raw material for health care and food colorant.

2.It act as a good antioxidant.

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