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Natural Beta-carotene 20% Suspension Oil/Beadlet

1.Leading manufacturer of Beta carotene Oil
2.100% Pure Natural
3.Available Certificates of ISO9001, ISO22000, Kosher, Halal
4.Beta Carotene is a strongly colored red-orange pigment abundant in plants and fruits. It is an organic compound and chemically is classified as a hydrocarbon and specifically as a terpenoid (isoprenoid), reflecting its derivation from isoprene units


Healthful Biotech is the ISO22000 Qualified Manufactuer for Natural Color Products.

Product Introduction

β-Carotene is a strongly colored red-orange pigment abundant in plants and fruits. It is an organic compound and chemically is classified as a hydrocarbon and specifically as a terpenoid (isoprenoid), reflecting its derivation from isoprene units. Among this general class of carotenes, β-carotene is distinguished by having beta-rings at both ends of the molecule. Absorption of β-carotene is enhanced if eaten with fats, as carotenes are fat soluble. 

Carotene is the substance in carrots, pumpkins and sweet potatoes that colors them orange and is the most common form of carotene in plants. It can also be extracted from the beta-carotene rich algae

beta carotene oil2

Chemical Name: beta-Carotene 

IUPAC: 1,3,3-Trimethyl-2-[3,7,12,16-tetramethyl-18-(2,6,6-trimethylcyclohex-1-en-1-yl)octadeca-1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17-nonaen-1-yl]cyclohex-1-ene

Pack size: 1kg(custom packaging available)

Molecular formula: C40H56

Molar weight: 536.87 g/mol                             

CAS No.: 7235-40-7

Purity: >20% DC/ 30% Oil

Storage: Store in a well-closed container away from moisture

Product Applications of Natural Beta-carotene 20% Suspension Oil/Beadlet

Beta Carotene oil applications


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