Pine Nut Oil Powder

1. Cold water soluble;
2. 50% oil loading and could be customized;
3. Rich in Omega-3 & Omega 6 and Pinolenic Acid.

Product Details

Product Description

Pine nut oil powder is a white to off white or light yellow free flowing powder. It is made of pine nut oil by advanced microencapsulation technology. Pine Nut Oil is a natural light yellow oil pressed from the kernels of types of pine trees, the most common being the Siberian Pine (Pinus Sibirica). These trees grow usually in remote and completely untouched areas of Siberia such as the Altai Region in the south of Siberia. Pine nut oil powder as new food supplement, has function of pine nut oil, most importantly better taste than lipid, could be added to baking food, beverage powder, milk shake,etc.

P.S. Microencapsulation is a functional coating process to protect fragile ingredients from interaction with other ingredients, light, temperature and to extend shelf life, improve flavor or to provide special physical properties.

pinenut kernel oil powder

Product Features and Application



Supress appetite& supports weight loss

Supports & improves immune System

Protects skin, strong effects on the skin and has effects on skin issues such as psoriasis, acne, boils, athletes foot & eczema.

Pine Nut Oil is an incredible source of natural nutrientsrich in Omega-3 & Omega 6. This is one of the only natural oils rich in a particular type of fatty acid called "Pinolenic Acid", a fatty acid that has shown strong potential use in weight loss by helping naturally curb & suppress appetite.


The pine nut oil powder is widely used in baking food, beverage powder, milk shake, bars as well as in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

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