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Peony Seed Oil Powder

1.Natural Peony seed oil powder
2.Available Certificates of ISO9001, ISO22000, Kosher, Halal
3.Pioneer manufacturer of Peony seed oil powder


Product Description

Peony seed oil powder is a white to off-white flowing flowing powder. It is made of peony seed oil with advanced patent micro-encapsulated technology. Peony seed oil is one of the functional foods that have been newly approved by the Chinese government. This oil's content of polyunsaturated fatty acids exceeds 90%, and the content of linolenic acid is up to 40%. Studies have shown that peony seed contains peony phenol; peony sterol; apigenin; trans-resveratrol; β-sitosterol; stigmasterol; suffruticosol A, B, C, and D; 8-debenzoylpaeonidanin; albiflorinR1; peoniflorin; nicotinic acid; vitamins E; caffic acid; oleanolic acid; and so on.


Advanced Healthful Biotech process of Micro-encapsulation.

HSF Micro-encapsulation process

Product Feature and Application

The micro-encapsulated peony seed oil powder is cold water soluble. It is widely used as a nutritional supplement or nutritional enhancer in food, health food, dairy products and beverages applications.

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