Phytosterol Granular

Date:Sep 22, 2017


Phytosterol Granular 


A granule of phytosterol is blend of HP MC and soybean phytosterol which consists of beta-sitosterol, campesterol, stigmasterol, and brassicasterol presenting in the native ration. It is formulated for preparing tablets and hard capsules use as a raw material in Pharmaceutical industry. 


   Soybean phytosterolmin. 90% w/w
   HP Methyl cellulosemax. 5% w/w

Storage Conditions: 

Store in the original packaging in a cool (less than 77℉; 25℃), dry place. Avoid excessive exposure to heat and light.


10-25 kg fiber drums with polyethylene liner blanketed with inert gas.

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