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How does β-carotene help the eyes?

How does β-carotene help the eyes?

Jan 29, 2021

The artist Leonardo da Vinci once said: "Eyes are like the windows of the soul", which means that people know and perceive the world through their eyes, and from it, they can understand the truth and sublimate the spiritual spirit. Nowadays, people who stay up all night for a long time can’t do without computers, mobile phones, too long time watching computers and mobile phones, or too much mental stress, which can easily cause vitamin A deficiency, resulting in dry eye, keratitis, myopia, eye fatigue, Discomfort symptoms such as poor adaptability to the dark environment make our eyes more and more fragile. Our eyes are just as healthy as our body. The more we overdraw, the greater the damage.

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Therefore, we have to supplement some eye-protecting foods in peacetime. Beta-carotene has a good eye protection effect. Beta-carotene is the precursor substance of vitamin A. One molecule of Beta-carotene can be converted into two molecules of vitamin A under the catalysis of enzymes in the body. When the vitamin A in the body reaches the required amount, Beta-carotene does not Will continue to transform, so as to ensure that the human body will not be poisoned by excessive vitamin A.

The rod cells on the retina contain rhodopsin and have the function of scotopic vision. A proper amount of Beta-carotene can promote rhodopsin to reach the normal content, thereby avoiding the dark field adaptation caused by lack of vitamin A, and also avoiding the damage to the eyes caused by strong light after dark field.

In addition, it can also prevent night blindness, dry eyes, corneal ulcers and corneal softening.